What is a mobile app?

  • Can I make an application for my site ??
  • Will it be like the applications that I see in my mobile .. ??
  • Many questions and inquiries may occur to any site owner
  • From this point of view, we wanted to provide answers to your inquiry.

Have you ever thought that you’re going to have a wide reach among your customers and visitors from all segments of your community?

If the answer is no, we tell you that it’s time to think carefully about expanding your customer base and followers

Waiting for customers and spreading quickly by browsing your website is no longer enough

The development of technology and the proliferation of smart phones and mobile phones in all systems Android, iPhone and iPad

It made users follow the Internet through smart devices faster and easier

Through the many applications that have spread widely whether Android applications or iPhone applications

It provided them with access to the information through the application and wherever they are and effortlessly

These applications are the most successful way to get your site and your product to the maximum amount of individuals within moments

See what’s new to you, connect with you and interact with your site with ease.

From this standpoint, Android and iPhone applications, which fall under the names

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It has become an important necessity for you to enhance the position of your site and your products with customers

So are you ready to enter the world of applications and achieve increased penetration and enhance the position of your site in the world of the Internet

With us you will find solutions to create applications for your site with ease

We at Hayat Host provide you with the application work necessary for your site to form integrated services for customers

Whether programming, hosting and design services or design services and programming Android applications and design and programming applications iPhone

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And maybe there are those who ask what is the application and what is its usefulness?

It is a software as it is called (mobile application) is made in the same form and characteristics of your site and placed in the market of applications

So any user can download it to their mobile and this application appears as an icon on the mobile once you click on the application is opened

And see the contents of the site smoothly and can communicate through the application with you

Types of applications

There are two types of operating systems for mobile, smart devices and tablets

Android operating system and has applications for this system called Android application or Android application is uploaded on Google Play Market

Apple’s operating system has applications for this system called the Apple application or iPhone application / iPad Apps and is uploaded on the App Store of the Apple App Store.

You can create two applications for the same site and upload them to the market of their own applications so that all customers different mobile devices have to download and take advantage of them


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