What are the trending features of smartphones!


Technology is changing day by day and it is getting better with time. Now we can experience more features in the most used device of our lives which is smartphones. We can hardly imagine our lives with it and now that the advancement in technology is so much, we are yet to find the limit of it. So in this article, we are going to mention some of the features which are there in the market and are called as top-notch features of today’s market of smartphones.

Charging of smartphone

While charging the smartphone is the biggest issue many smartphone manufacturers are facing and in the light of this, they are trying to manufacture the smartphones which come with the battery that does not long to get charged fully. With the new technology, the new smartphones will take only 30 minutes to get fully charged. If this feature will come in most of the smartphones, then it is going to rock the market and the lives of the customers will become very easy. The long battery life is the dream features of all the customers.


There are some countries which are due to experience the features of 4G technology for the networks, the companies are now on the verge of developing and using the 5G technology in upcoming smartphones. With 5G it is going to be a great speed for downloading and crystal clear vices over the calling. This feature is much waited and it will soon become famous in the market of smartphones.


Phones are now really catching up with slim and light laptops. The customers are preferring smartphones as now with the technology; the smartphone companies are able to provide laptop type storage in the smartphones as well. When this is going to come the customers will prefer to buy smartphones that are providing a similar type of storage. This will become very beneficial for the smartphone manufacturing companies as the customers are going to buy smartphones as compared to laptops.


Already the smartphone market is providing so many attractive screen types and they are able to get the bezel-free screen for the smartphones. There are many innovations which are now present in the market, they are also able to remove the notch from the smartphones and give a sleek and better design to the screen of these smartphones. It is not going to stop here; the smartphone manufacturing companies are working on the screen to give experience close to VR watching. The company like mara phone might surprise us with a smartphone made in africa.

Water resistant

Now the smartphones which are comes the market won’t let you cry to buy a new smartphone when you drown your expensive smartphone in the water. The smartphones which are now coming in the market are coming as fully waterproof and you will not have dig dip even if you drop your phone in the water.

So these were some new features that are trending in the market. You can go to mara phones websites and see for the latest news as well. The smartphones in africa are getting popularity as well.

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