Web Design Strategies for Rainy Days


Web design is not for the faint-hearted, and it definitely gives a new meaning to the paradox of choice. There are so many possibilities and designs you can try, and still, web designers get stuck fairly easily. So, if you’re in a pickle and want to get out, here are the best strategies you can try.

Think Outside the Header

More often than not, designers put a lot of their energy into getting the header just perfect. However, the page is more important. And if you manage to get all the body elements going, you’ll get new ideas for the header. Otherwise, it’s like trying to find the perfect shades that go with your outfit while you still haven’t picked out what you’re wearing.

Trial and Error

Sometimes you get stuck when you’re working on your page because you associate that with the end product. So it’s best to get a whiteboard or a notebook and do some mock-up sketches. By doing this you can see which ideas work and which ideas don’t. After a few tries, you can get a pretty good grasp of what your page should look like.

Find an Offline Muse

There is a plethora of CSS galleries you can use for inspiration as well as various web design websites. But you might also find your true muse offline in the print media or in TV ads. The world is filled with advertising, which means lots of fonts, colours and element placement. Analyse whatever catches your eye and see if you can learn something valuable from these ads.

Don’t Cling to Your Baby

We’re talking about the metaphorical baby, of course. Every designer has crafted an element at one point or another which simply doesn’t fit. So, don’t bend over backwards just to see that incorporated. Breathe in, breathe out, and delete anything that doesn’t fit.

Take a Break

If you don’t like your design and don’t know what to do next, take a break. Your brain’s left hemisphere is working too intensely so you need to help it relax first. Besides, once you’re on your break, you allow your brain’s right hemisphere to bring some creativity to the table.

Learn From the Rest

If you want to create an artistic web design, you must learn from the rest. So spend time looking at other designer’s work, identifying exactly what you like and what you don’t like about their work. Understanding the reasons why you think something is good will help develop your library of ideas. To learn more about what can be regarded as the five most important web design statistics, click here.

Avoid Using the Same Recipe

If something worked at one point, it doesn’t mean you can only use that technique. Don’t be afraid to explore new textures, colours or gradients. Even if it’s easy to get stuck in a pattern, it’s also very counterproductive.

Ask for Feedback

Criticism is the Achilles heel of web design, but constructive criticism is what will make your page shine. And not in a bad way… Ask people you trust for some feedback and be sure they tell you all the reasons why they like or don’t like something. It’s always a good idea to see your work through other people’s eyes.

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