The Differences Between DVD/CD/Blu-Ray Replication vs Duplication


Before you have your files replicated or duplicated, you must know the difference between the two. You probably already know by now that these two are not the same. But what makes one better than the other? And which is better – replication or duplication? This article will walk you through on what each of these processes is and how they are different from each other.

Replication vs Duplication: What’s The Difference?

The difference between CD, DVD & Blu-Ray Replication and Production and duplication is how these discs are manufactured. Sometimes people think that these words, duplication, and replication, can be interchanged. But they are not the same. Here’s the difference between these two processes:

  • This is the process where a glass master and stamper of the data is being created. This is then injected on the molding plastic using a stamper. This is then offset printed together with your artwork. With replication, it can process at least 500 or thousands of discs. The replicated discs are believed to be more durable and the process is cheaper too. Most of the discs that are sold these days are produced using the replication process. Disc replication is best if you are looking for retail quality. It is also highly recommended for mass production since this is usually done on commercially distributed DVDs and CDs.
  • This process, on the other hand, is simply burning a disc. This is what you do when you copy your music or data to a recordable CD or DVD. This is usually offered for less than 500 discs. This is preferable if you want a fast turnaround. When replication can take weeks to finish, duplicated will only take days to be completed depending on the amount of work that you need. Disc duplication is highly recommended for shorter runs. This is also perfect for demos and rush jobs. The downfall of duplicated discs is that they are less reliable in playback compared to the replicated ones.

Duplication or Replication At ImplantMedia

If you are looking for the best DVD and CD replication company in Australia, ImplantMedia is one of the trusted names in this industry. They are very well known when it comes to the production of high-quality disc replication or duplication. All you need is to visit their website to get a quote on the job that you want to be done.

How Long Does Duplication or Replication Take?

Replication with ImplantMedia will take 7 to 15 working days. This will, of course, depend on the packaging. The replicated orders with a plastic or digital cardboard packaging are usually completed around 7 to 10 working days. The ones with the packaging of an offset printed cardboard will take 10 to 15 days to finish. For duplication processes at ImplantMedia, it will only take 1 to 4 working days. Again, this will depend on the option that you prefer.

Now that you know the difference between duplication and replication, which do you think is the best option for you? Well, that will, of course, depend on the type of result that you want to achieve as well as the quantity of work that you want to be done. If you are confused, refer back to the information mentioned above to help you make the right choice.


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