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When looking for printers in London, you are going to have to make several decisions along the way. This is certainly the case especially if you are in need of banner printing. Several banner printers in London tout services such as premium litho and same day digital printers. However, how different is this method from the digital printing that you may have tried out before? Read on below so you can make a decision later on.

Comparing Digital printing services to Lithographic printing services London

The differences between litho and digital printing can’t be counted by hand. You will need to look deeper into the different characteristics of both printing methods if you really want to find out the pros and cons between the two of them. However, below is a quick guideline to help you make a decision on which one you should go with especially if you are in need of something right at this instant.

The quality of litho printing is going to be a whole lot better especially if you are going for a banner. The difference is going to be more noticeable up close if there are a lot of spots where there may be lots of color blocks. A banner that has been printed through digital methods may wash out the different segments of the color block. With lithographic printing, you still have a lot of vibrancy left because the blocks of solid color are all going to be preserved.

The technology used for lithographic printing is also going to differ a lot with digital printing. Digital printing is going to be much faster from start to finish. You just upload a digital file onto the computer and press print. The printing is going to start instantaneously. In fact, you may have used a digital printer in the past due to how accessible they are. However, for the speed and accuracy for multiple prints, you go with litho printing.

With litho printing, you have the ability to ensure that all of the copies that you print out are as identical as possible. With digital printing, the process may be fast for lower volumes, but you can’t expect the accuracy to be maintained for incredibly high volumes due to the equipment limitations of different digital printing units.

Making a decision between the two

Digital printing is perhaps the more accessible printing method and for a good reason. It is easy to use and you can always expect to print out what you see on the screen for individual tasks. You won’t have to worry about any misprints if you aren’t printing a lot of colorful prints. Documents that rely only on a few colors benefit greatly from digital printing.

If you just needed to make a decision between the two, it is actually very straightforward. If you are in need of something that is expected to be silky and glossy for the purpose of being attractive leaflets and brochures, you should go with litho printing. Litho printing is much more versatile.

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