I Am My Brother’s Keeper!


In this high tech information age, it is easy to get in touch with almost anyone! With social media alone, you can see what your favorite celebrity is doing and even comment directly to them. While the information age we live in allows us to be “super” fans, having access to all of this technology and information can help us in more ways than just one. Now whenever we meet someone, we can easily google them and find out a lot of information that we wouldn’t have otherwise knew. But, to take it a step further, there are sites and platforms online that allow us to find out if a person has a criminal history, bad credit and even if they are hiding a whole spouse and family.

But let’s say you don’t know the person’s name and you want to find out more information about them. A good example of this would be your neighbors. You happen to get a glimpse out of the window one afternoon only to see a moving truck and a creepy looking guy carrying some boxes inside of the house. You start to get anxious at the thought of a possible serial killer moving next door to you so what do you do? How do you find out anything about a person whose name you don’t even know? Do you run across the street and give an awkward fake greeting in hopes of gathering enough information so that you can google Mr. Manson? No. Instead, you can perform a Reverse Address Public Search.

An address search can tell you their full name, where the person last lived, possible relatives, if they have a criminal history and more. This is extremely helpful when checking on your neighbors because this service will also let you know if they are a registered sex offender. This is something you definitely need to know, especially if you have children. The sex offender database is also very informative as you can type in your address or zip code and see if there are any sex offenders registered near you.

For some people, all of this access to personal information is a violation of privacy and on one hand that is true. However, at the rate that crimes are being committed, children are being kidnapped and people are being assaulted, a so-called violation of privacy is a small thing in the greater scheme of things. Besides, if a person has nothing to hide, then I don’t see the problem. The information revealed on these sites is public record anyhow so technically it isn’t a privacy violation at all.

As a parent myself, I could care less about hurting someone’s feelings or violating their privacy when it comes to my children. If I have to look through your trash to protect my young then gosh darn-it, that is just what I will do! It’s about time we all became more community oriented again the way we were back in the day. It not only takes a village to raise a child, it takes a village to protect one!

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