Choosing an Internet Provider


When choosing an internet provider, the first thing you should do is find out what companies in your area offer the internet. By weeding out those who are not in your area you save yourself time. You do not have to call the ones are not in your neighborhood. There should be several companies that offer the internet in your area.

Start by doing your research. In the long run this could save you money and give you an internet provider that completely covers your needs.


The first thing that confuses most people is the term Mbps. This is megabits per second. This is the speed in which you receive your internet. Speeds range from 0.5 megabytes per second up to 7.0 megabits per second. The lowest range would not give you enough and the highest one is more than you need. If it is only you the optimum speed for streaming movies is 5.0 megabytes per second. If there are several in the house who will stream movies at the same time, then 7.0 megabits per second is what you need to get the best views.

Types of Internet

The company will also throw terms such as DSL and Fios at you. DSL which stands for Digital Subscriber Line is the most basic of internet. It comes in through your telephone line and can be very slow. FIOS which means fiber-optic internet service. This is named because the internet comes through the fiber optic cable. It comes only to your house and you do not share it with the rest of the neighborhood. The other two types of internet are cable and satellite. Cable internet is shared with others in the neighborhood and can be slow at peak times of day. This is usually the time when everyone is getting home from work and logging onto the internet. Satellite is internet that comes through a satellite dish. There are some flaws with this service. It may take a movie a longer time to load but once loaded plays with no problems. There is also the risk that you will lose your internet service when it storms.

Once you have made all your phone calls to the various providers, it is time to compare the prices, speeds and what plans they offer. Many on demand south point oh companies will have various packages from which you can choose. When calling the internet provider, they will tell you about speeds. The important thing to know is that these speeds will vary depending upon what time of day it is or how far you are from their office. Be sure to ask them if this is an introductory offer. When this is an introductory offer ask them how long it will last and what is the cost when the introductory offer is over.

You have made your calls and you have a list of the various providers, what they provide, and how much it will cost. Now is the time to ask your neighbors who they use and how they feel about their internet provider. There is nothing like hearing about it from the end users.

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