How Reverse WHOIS API Can Be of Help to your Business


WHOIS is a questioning and response protocol that is widely used globally for questioning databases. What is stored in the databases, is the assignees or a registered user’s internet resource. These resources may include a domain name, an IP address block, or an autonomous system. WHOIS is also used for a wider range of other important information. This protocol stores the information and delivers the database content in a human-readable format.

WHOIS roots can be traced to the year 1982 when it was developed. This is when a Taskforce on Internet Engineering published a protocol for a directory service for the ARPANET users. Thereafter, WHOIS started serving the needs of different associates such as law enforcement agencies, domain name registration, trademark owners and intellectual properties.

Reverse WHOIS

This is a tool that allows the user to search for the domain (s) by the domain name, address, email address, telephone number or the physical address of the listed registrant current historical WHOIS records.

When reverse whois api is performed, the user simply keys in personal information of the registrant and all the domains with WHOIS records, consisting that particular information will be restated. This is how the reverse whois api operates.

How can it be of help?

There are many ways that reverse whois api business benefits can be of great help. For starters, if you have any question on a product, you can use the URLs of the product and check it out through WHOIS Lookup. It is absolutely free. The lookup will provide you with the ownership records together with basic registration details. The same also applies for a domain name or an IP address.

You will receive a response which includes the most recent WHOIS record they have for the domain or the IP address you will have provided. With no dependency on external servers, fast response is ensured. A record update within the last few days is usually returned.

Sometimes the system responds to your request as an error. This is probably because there are no recent records available for the requested domain.

Benefits of the WHOIS API to a Business

Reverse WHOIS API is very beneficial to a business. Sometimes you might be looking for an important information that can only be found through WHOIS API lookup. The real benefits of WHOIS come through Business networking.

When you run your business online given the importance of networking, WHOIS comes in handy. Reverse whois API business benefits include; identity lookups, Business location searches, contact information for online merchants and Individual identities. These are just but a few reverse whois api business benefits.

If you are looking to maintain a domain name uniqueness, WHOIS will be instrumental. This is important to protect your brand and product lines, not to be compromised by another website with a similar exact name.

When you have issues with your domain name registration, example registration identity, creation date, expiration date etc., WHOIS will help you resolve these issues. Questions can be made to provide important information in sorting out ownership issues. Other benefits of WHOIS to a business include; privacy and security issues and administrative matters.

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