An example of best website layouts for user experience and conversions.


When we talk about running an online business, having a well-made website is the number one priority. However, with a substantially large number of websites on the internet, it gets more and more difficult to be unique and offer something new. The demands of the customers change at an astonishing pace, and understanding user experience is the most important skill. Furthermore, having a good conversion rate is crucial if you wish that your business has an ROI or Return of Investment. With that in mind, let’s discuss the best website layouts for user experience and conversions.

The best website layouts for user experience and conversions

The evolution of web design brought to light what running a successful website really requires. The only way to understand why some layouts are good for user experience and conversions is to break down their elements and analyze them. This article will look into the importance of:

  • clear navigation
  • a simplified experience
  • explanation of the products and services
  • static elements on the website
  • a layout pleasing for the eye
  • the importance of white space

Each of these elements is what makes website layouts for user experience and conversions so great. Furthermore, understanding these elements is important if you wish to redesign your website.

Clear navigation

Having clear navigation on your website is one of the most important features you need. You should look at navigation as the main information system. It sends your customers from one place to another, hopefully in a logical path.

Caption: To increase the conversion rate, it is important to connect with your visitors. The best way to do it is to present them with clear and easy-to-follow navigation.

Alt: A scheme of people in circles connected with lines.

While clear and well-structured navigation can make your customers fall in love with your website, a bad one can keep them away from ever returning.

One example to look at is Asana, a website with beautiful navigation that clearly speaks to the customers. Furthermore, check out Apple’s website, where you have well-structured navigation at the bottom of the page, so the customer doesn’t have to scroll up.

A simplified experience

Having a website with a strong structure does not mean having a complicated website. When a customer visits your pages for the first time, he or she is deciding whether there will be a second time or not. This crucial moment is what will determine the success of your website. If they find your website difficult to use and understand, they will never return. Having a simple layout that offers a clear view of what you are offering is another essential aspect.

To understand what I am talking about, you can visit Dropbox and see for yourself what a simple layout means.

Explanation of the products and services

If you are running a website that sells an application or a service, it is crucial to offer your future customers a clear tutorial. An excellent example is Grammarly, a phenomenal app for writers. When you visit the website, you have simple explanations of what they offer.

Caption: An easy guide for products and services is what creates a good user experience.

Alt: A drawing of a person giving a rating of five stars.

Do not hide important guidelines from your customers, show them in plain sight. There is no better way to increase conversions. Furthermore, it is a fact that the best way to increase rating of your website is with quality and relevant content.

Static elements of the website

A website has a lot of different elements on it. One of the important features is static elements. This means, parts of a website that stay in place as the customer scrolls up and down. Usually, these are buttons, CTA-s, and navigation elements.

By making them static, you are making it more easy for your clients to get around. Furthermore, this will highly increase your conversion rate. If you wish for your clients to register to your website or purchase a service, make the Call To Action button visible at all times.

Again, Grammarly is an excellent example. Another website that offers static navigation you should check out is Zendesk, a leader in customer service.

A layout pleasing for the eye

When a customer visits your website, they should not strain their eyes. Their experience must be pleasant and relaxing. Creating a layout that is easy to look at is extremely important. For example, this is something that web design experts for the moving industry know how to do perfectly.

If you look for examples of relocation websites, you will see how a pleasant layout looks like. That is important because the relocation companies mostly serve families. When they visit a website to book a move, they must feel relaxed, since the relocation is a stressful process.

Furthermore, check out the website called HubSpot. You will instantly feel drawn to it. The information is easily presented, and the colours are mild and pleasing to the eye.

The importance of white space

In the end, I wish to talk about the importance of white space on a website. It is something that users will not often notice, but more of a subconscious element. A carefully constructed website will make the company stand out if it uses white space in a clever way.

So, why is white space so important? Simply speaking, it is what separates elements on your pages. The absence of elements is equally important as the actual elements. If everything was crowded, it would be extremely difficult to follow the flow of content.

Caption: The lack of white space on a website will make it more difficult for a visitor to follow the flow of content. That’s why Google uses white as its main color.

Alt: A girl entering a query search on Google.

Two websites that excel at using the white space are Mailchimp and Shopify. When you open the home page, everything is so bright and clear, it is just amazing to look at.

CMS platforms

I also have to mention CMS platforms like WordPress. One of the easiest ways to get a website is to purchase a layout from WordPress, install it and use it. Nevertheless, it is crucial to understand what types of websites you can build with WordPress. If you are looking for a specific layout, it is good to know the capabilities of this amazing platform.

Website layouts that concentrate on user experience will raise your conversion rate

It cannot be clearer than that, website layouts that concentrate on user experience will raise your conversion rate. With that in mind, you should visit some of the best website layouts for user experience and conversions to inspire yourself. Hopefully, you now understand these elements and why they are so important. With that knowledge, it is easy to design a website that will attract and fascinate your users, and bring you plenty of new customers and conversions. Good luck!

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