Video Surveillance For Industries


With the maturity of the 3G network, the deepening of the triple play, the implementation of the M2M strategy, and the deployment of wireless cities, future telecom operation-level video surveillance platform adopting integrated media format and supporting cloud platform deployment and virtual will control signaling for storage.

Career-class operations are fully compatible with network management. Will serve as a sub-product package for integrated services of video surveillance operators, and will enter the market of users and families in government, enterprises and other industries in various business models. Wireless video surveillance for industries has become a convenient application that is more and more familiar to industry and mass users. For its usefulness in security as a subject, coupled with advanced technologies in real-time monitoring. Incidentally, video surveillance go hand-in-hand with traditional manned security guarding for industries, which can sometimes include the defensive and protective use of firearms like assembled AR-10 rifles as well as other handguns.
This is to further beef-up security in line with improving AI technologies.

However, like the development of network video surveillance over the years, the evolution of 3G technology does not mean that the wireless video surveillance market will be widely used in one or two years. On the contrary, this is the painful period of the first few years wireless monitoring market. Regardless of the maturity of the technology application, improvements in the network including the creation of a network based on the combination of stable and wireless technologies, change of consumer approach, change of business model, etc., maturity.

The whole market will take some time. During this time, the market and technology will complete the integration of upstream and downstream manufacturers such as chip and device manufacturers, monitoring device manufacturers, monitoring app platform developers, distributors and system integrator, end customers and operations and maintenance service providers. 

The providers of wireless video surveillance for industries will build their respective security vendors, provide final solutions based on network creation, and will continuously optimize existing products and enrich the entire product line; The operators will also build and improve their respective network. Fierce competition with the use of: Starting from the construction of base stations, the tariff services to capture signal coverage and more markets.

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