Users Cannot Keep Themselves Away From The Awesome Categories Of 9apps


The users just love 9apps and for those who are unaware of the store; this article will let you understand. There are common queries and uncertainties the netizens have on any new gadget, app, game or product released. 9 apps basically is an alternate app store which enables Android users to access apps with ease. The apps may include games, media, other mobile apps, wallpapers, etc. The app store is globally popular and downloadsare improving on a daily basis. The millions of active users are prominent evidence of its popularity but for those still unsure, let us clarify their doubts.

What is the list of categories the app-store offers?

9apps is an android app distribution platform which covers apps and categories namely:

  • Business
  • Entertainment
  • Games
  • Health& Fitness
  • Lifestyle
  • Music
  • Photo & Video
  • News
  • Food & Drink
  • Sports
  • Sub categories like kids, educational, action and charts
  • Themes
  • Wallpapers
  • Ringtones

Is it available on the Android Play Store?

It is not available on Play Store of your Android handset and the user downloads it separately. First of all, 9apps is itself an app store so it is a competitor to play store. Secondly, there are norms and regulations of Google which do not allow any third party app store to be available on its play store.

Does the app store support any language other than English?

The app store has emerged successful globally. But has a greater impact in Asian countries like India, Indonesia, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. To purvey to the demands of several countries the app supports 7 languages. The developers are more focused to add other languages.

What games are available in 9apps store?

As mentioned, the app store features many categories and sub-categories to choose from. Same is applicable in the Games category. There are unlimited games for users to install and play. Some sub-categories are listed below:

  • Racing: Every known bike, car or other racing games apps are available with a simple search
  • Action: the most popular and loved ones appear at the starting when you search the action games sub-category, otherwise, you always have the option to type the name of your desired game
  • Sports: The sports fan won’t miss a game as every possible app is accessible. Even games not available in the play store can be installed and enjoyed
  • Casual: Games intended to pass your time are available in plenty. Your Android handset will never let you get bored with these casual games’ apps
  • Adventure: Who doesn’t love adventurous games and having easy access to apps on your handset will make the game more adventurous for sure.
  • Strategy: Plan your strategy on Android phones with ample apps to download in a few seconds
  • Educational: Games intended to educate you or your kids can be accessed
  • Arcade: This sub-category of 9apps game store is loved by game enthusiasts. Download to know which one you prefer
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