Tips On How To Be A Budget-Friendly Online Pro Gamer


Playing online games for a living seemed unrealistic for the past few decades. But now, this dream has turned into a reality. For the last couple of years, the E-sports have been so popular that now thousands of young adults take home as much as six-figure paycheck just from playing online games. Sponsorships and tournaments are just some of the many ways to make gaming a decent source of income.

Items That You Need To Be A Pro Gamer

Your love for online games is not enough to be considered as a pro gamer. You need to put in a lot of hard work and time. And most importantly, you need to have the right equipment. If you think you have what it takes to be a pro gamer, you have to save. The initial capital that you need to have to put up your online gaming system can be a tad expensive, but if you know what you are determined, in just 6 months, you can start your professional gaming career.

So here are the six items that you really need in order to become an online pro gamer:

  • Gaming PC. If you want to be a pro gamer, most likely you already have set up your own a gaming PC. If you do not have it yet, there are ways for you to have one. If you want start playing right away and you have the budget, you can go ahead and buy a gaming PC from online technology store Australia. If you want to set it up yourself but you have a limited budget, set your goals and buy the components that you need one at a time until you have it all completed.
  • Fiber-Optic Broadband. Remember that if you have a bad internet connection, it will become difficult for you to be a pro gamer. Bad internet can create lag and it will greatly affect your games. It is best that you invest in a fiber-optic broadband if this is the career move that you are planning to make.
  • LED monitor nowadays are the most recommended for gaming PCs. If you want to make a living out of online gaming, you need to have a crystal clear picture. It could be a factor of you losing or winning. There are LED monitors with low input lag and these are specifically deisnged for gaming.
  • Quality Headset, Microphone, and Webcam. What makes your online gaming experience more fun and exciting is if you have a high-quality headset. There’s a lot of factors to look for when you are buying a headset. One of the is that it should have a clear and balanced sound, without any fuzzy feedback. Another is that it should fit your head perfectly. This is the same with your microphone. With the webcam, it should have a high wuality image especially if you are going to record your games.
  • Wired Controller. Your controller can affect what type of pro gamer you would be. For example, there are gaming conventions that have specific controller rules. Most of them ask for wired controllers. Using this type of controller have plenty of advantages. They are more comfortable to hold and they are lightweight.

You might be asking yourself, ‘Where is the nearest technology store near me?’ It is important that you know the answer to this because the quicker you can have access to your gaming PC setup parts, the better. In fact, you can also find a trusted online technology store where you can order parts and accessories that you need for you gaming PC.

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