Things to Keep In Mind While Choosing an ELD Provider


ELD Mandate has created quite a buzz these days and there are innumerable factors that the logistics managers and fleet operators need to consider.  As per the calculations, nearly one million truck drivers are yet to install ELDs as the operators are skeptical about adhering to the mandate. However, the individuals who decide to opt for this latest technology mostly comes across myriad of providers that makes it puzzling to for them to come to a decision. Though every professional claim to provide the best product, there are some among the lot that offers one with solutions of unmatched quality at best prices.

While considering electronic logs for truckers, you need to look for certain factors to make the right decision. Feel free to go through the following write-up for details.

Beware of the Random Providers

Make sure to choose the expert ELD providers with years of experience in this field. There are certain professionals that use devices promising advanced features at lowest prices. Don’t make any decision on the basis of cost as there are high chances that you might be offered with products of inferior quality. Hence, the logistics managers must surely seek the help of established vendors having positive reputation in the industry owing to their knowledge and experience within the domain.

Check whether or not the provider is certified

 Prior to settling for someone, the operators should ask whether or not the professionals have the proper certifications. Certificates are indeed the evidences that show the professionals did everything that was required to be the provider of E-logs. Also, they must check that the pairing of app-hardware is certified.  There are companies that have provided themselves with blanket certification that’s clearly not within the regulations.

Consider the Rules

Make sure that the app supports the federal and state rules. Also, the truckers should make use of the technology in compliance with the rules. Regulations related to ELD usually cross 500 pages along with another 500 pages that comprises the DVIR and IFTA rules. These rules are indeed full of obscure exemptions and edge cases. The fleet managers should consider an app that has all the required factors into account.

Ease of use

Solutions that the operators consider must be easy to implement and intuitive. This would help in cutting down the requirement for time-consuming and mandatory training sessions on the right ways to use ELD technology. The technology must be designed in a way that the drivers would fail to press the wrong button inadvertently on the screen of the app. It is significant to look for apps that are well documented with examples and screenshots for proper assistance.

For top-notch ELD trucking, the fleet managers are suggested to opt for a solution that accurately connects the engine and the hardware without any server in real time. Hence, to invest in something that’s worth your hard-earned money, it is significant to conduct proper research. Make sure to rely on providers that have years of experience in this industry. Feel free to go through the testimonial pages of their official websites to know what the former clients have to say about the products or services they offer.

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