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Pinterest has 200 million users a month and is a platform increasingly appreciated by interesting demographic groups. In fact, half of US millennials use social media. But it’s not just younger users who save ideas on the net: 68% of US women between the ages of 25 and 54 also use Pinterest.

If you have not yet implemented a plan that includes the use of Pinterest in your marketing strategy, you are probably losing interesting opportunities to expand your audience and reach new potential customers.

Why use Pinterest for companies?

The use users make of Pinterest is different from that of other social media like Facebook and Instagram. Pinterest is a network that users turn to for inspiration, as well as ideas for buying new products. According to eMarketer , only Facebook exceeds Pinterest in terms of influence on decisions regarding purchases by US social users. To buy real Pinterest followers now that there are ample options, you can get the best of it.

Pinterest for companies

More than two-thirds of Pinners claim to have discovered a new brand or product on Pinterest, and an incredible 93% use the network to plan purchases. But that’s not all: as many as half of the Pinners actually made a purchase after seeing a sponsored Pin and two-thirds of Pinterest users go to cover the saved Pin while shopping in traditional stores.

Now are you a little more convinced of the importance of Pinterest for companies? If you want to know more, we recommend that you continue reading this guide to find valuable tips on how to implement this platform in your social strategy.

Overview of Pinterest for companies

Since Pinterest is slightly different from other social media, let’s take a quick look at some key Pinterestterms.


A Pin is any image or video that a user has chosen to save on Pinterest. For companies, the key part is the link: each Pin connects to the original source, making Pinterest an excellent source of referral traffic.

Message boards

Pinterest users (called “Pinner”) save a lot of items: to date, we talk about the exorbitant amount of 100 billion Pin. In order to keep everything in order, users can divide the pins into collections called bulletin boards.

Social networks are experiencing a process of continuous evolution towards the transformation into platforms in which to share images, photos, videos and direct.

Explaining what visual content marketing is not can be complex but, usually, to insert a visual element (like an image) into a visual content marketing strategy it is necessary for there to be a creative effort behind its creation.


Whatever their style, infographics have excellent marketing potential.  Realizing them does not require a large investment in terms of money and time thanks to the use of customizable templates that help companies to create immediate and informative content in a short time.  These are necessary when you need to communicate a lot of information at the same time, for example to show statistics or data in a few moments.

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