Should You Be Investing In Social Media Marketing in 2019?


According to statistics, there’re slightly over 1.7 billion active websites. These are massive figures, and for any site to get Google’s attention in this super-competitive environment, it surely must stand out in all aspects. Implementing the right digital marketing strategies in the smartest and most effective way to get Google to notice your website and place it where clients can quickly identify you. And with all that, it’s possible to be left wondering if digital marketing in Bali is a worthy investment.

Premium Content

Just like water in the human body, content makes up almost 65% of vigorous websites. Most of the functions and achievements realized by websites are fueled through quality supply of user-intent content.  The amplified SEO performance, brand recognition, increased sales, and improved customer satisfaction are all a product of the content you share on your website. Clean water is easy to get considering the advanced technology, but quality and high-conversion content isn’t. So, I wouldn’t advise you fuel your tank with eight pieces of quality content a day, but to keep your site evergreen with engagements, you must give it at least a piece every day. Share a well-researched in-depth article regularly, a high-quality and information-rich video at least twice a week, and quality social media posts every day.

Inorganic and Local SEO

Optimizing your website content to the current search preferences isn’t a walk in the park. Getting the words, images, and videos in your site tweaked to the search specifications of the locals is way more complicatedthan you ever imagined. Success in local SEO demands websites be aligned with local directions, information, and the specific requirements of the targeted locals. Statistically, more than 50% of those who visit local stores every day do so after searching the internet. You need to have disciplined internet marketing plan that emphasizes proper local SEO and quality adjustments when needed. Specialized internet marketing gurus will know where to how and where to throw the nets so that they catch more visitors to your site.

Social Media Success

Social media make a bigger part of digital marketing. It is the biggest component of digital marketing, which without your marketing campaign can be as good as dead. Working social media specialists to help reach out to bigger client base is the way out to assured success. We all know social media is valid and reliable, but not many of us know how to play the cards well, to maximize profitability. Experts have in-depth know-how of what goes around social media marketing, and so they will deliver a clean job, with minimal effort.

Digital marketing is still a deeper area of the online marketing sea, where you can always throw your nets, and expect to catch more goodies. In this context, you’ll be reaching a broader audience and exploiting bigger territories to help double your sales and profits. Find a guru in digital marketing in Bali to help you achieve maximum results in your marketing endeavors.

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