Reasons to Get iPhone instead of Android


When the iPhone was introduced to the market most manufacturers of other devices laughed and considered these phones to be too expensive for the market. While the price for iPhones remain pretty high they have not only gained popularity among the people but also left far behind their competitors. Why does iPhone was, is, and looks like will remain so popular among people? Here are simple reasons why iPhones are better than Android based smartphones.

  1. Phone is easy, while Android is a challenge

One of the greatest benefits of iPhones is than no matter what mole, make, and year you choose, you will always understand its design and structure. If you decoded to find a used iPhone to try out, and then switched to the latest model, you will always remain aware about the principles of its usage.

  1. iOS Software Always Updates. while Android Software Only Dates

Another perfect thing about iOs systems is that they never change. It means that if you download some kind of newly released software, you will still able to understand it, because only technical stuff changes, and the interface remains familiar and easy to navigate. It is absolutely not the case for Android phones. If you download some kind of upgrade even a minor one, you are likely to get a totally different operation system. As a result you will have to go through the process of figuring out new details over and over again.

  1. The Genius Factor

A lot of people were pretty skeptic about the idea of opening stores in shop malls and places where people are to go. But Steve Jobs was smarter and always thought about the needs of real people. As a result today you can fix any problem or ask any question about your iPhone almost at any place you go, which makes iPhones irreplaceable in terms of customer support and service.

  1. It Can Work with Other Apple Products

If you purchase more than only iPhone, for example a MacBook or an iPad, you will be able to operate one device through another. For instance, you can write short messages from the iPhone through Mac. When you connect devices together you get access to common iCloud where you have a possibility to store tons of information virtually. The great thing here is that you just need to plug devices together. In the case of Android products you will have to use additional applications to reach the same effect.

  1. iPhone Has No Bloatware

When getting an iPhone you receive only basic set of important apps and the rest is up to you. Of course, you can ask store assistants to download anything you need there and if you check iPhone prices for any set of apps it will be the same. But with Android you will regularly get a huge package of useless and even nonsense apps that only clutter the screen without performing any important functions. So after the purchase of a phone with iPhone you can instantly start working with it, while with Android will have to get rid of useless stuff first.

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