Need To Install 9apps? Be Aware Of These Things


You might come across several application stores in your life when using a smartphone but you had never seen such an interesting and beneficial app store like 9apps. Because of its popularity and ease of accessibility, it has been used by more than 97million uses throughout the world. Still, this number has been increasing as many mobile users come to aware of this wonderful application recently.

Are you thinking about using this app store? If yes, then it is necessary to know everything about it before intending to download and install the app. This will help you escape from several hassles, which stop you from getting access to this app quickly. Keep reading to get insight into those things!

What is 9apps?

Just like Google play store, it is an application platform where users can avail thousands of application in every category of their choice. Alibaba group owns this worldwide famous android app distribution platform. It is also one of the best products among UCWeb product portfolio. It renders freedom for users to access their preferred games and apps instantly without any hassles. Since it does not require any signup and registration to access it like Google, even users do not have technical knowledge can utilize it. Moreover, users need to download this store separately as it is not available in the Google store.

Why it is not available in the Google play store?

It is not available in the Google play because of 9apps itself an application store. Google play listing does not list its competitors normally. In simple words, it is the third party application and does not meet Google security policies. If you wish, you can get it from the trusted sources. Of course, it is absolutely free to use without any charge and get access to unlimited games and apps on your device.

Is 9apps completely safe to access?

It is one of the main questions, which millions of users searching to find the right solution. Even though it is not accessible in the Google play, it is extremely safe to download and use. Additionally, files and APKs available in this store are also safe to use. Therefore, you need not worry about anything when attempting to download this store.

What is the size of 9apps?

In general, most of the application that you get from the play store consume more memory space and then make your mobile to struggle a lot in terms of reducing performance and battery life. But, you need not worry about this when downloading 9apps as it is only 2.3MB. Since it is extremely small than other similar applications and play store, it does not make much changes in your device in all means.

Is it compatible with all the devices?

No, it is developed only for android mobiles at present. This means you can run this app store flawlessly with any android version. You can use it on the laptop and desktop with the help of an android emulator. It is not available for the iOS device.

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