Mobile Apps to Help You Learn English Quicker!


Is English getting on your nerves? Do you feel that all your friends and colleagues speak English pretty well but you lack therein? Do you have a feeling that you have good knowledge and great personality but your weakness of English is becoming a problem in your growth and personal life? Do you think that you can also win everyone with your English if you get a trainer or a source to learn this language?

Well, it is true that English is ruling these days and people are trying their best to ace at this language. Even if English is not your mother tongue; you can do wonders at it. You know what; there are so many amazing applications on android that can give you a great experience in learning and improving English skills. Have a look at some of the apps below:


In case you look forward to learn English from the scratch then this is your destination. Duolingo makes use of interactive games to help you learn up to twenty three different languages, including English.  If you are a beginner then the app would focus to help you learn phrases, verbs, and sentences. But yes advanced users can also enhance their language by finishing writing, speaking, and vocabulary lessons!

On the basis of your selection like native language, beginner or advanced speaker and so on, the app is going to make you go through a simple test. The test will help understand your skill in the language and Duolingo will get you the learning material accordingly. The teaching strategy of this application is really wonderful and worth considering. The cool thing about this application is that in can you end up making a mistake, the app is immediately going to use a different game to assist you learn and rectify it. In case you still end up making errors, the application would give you another game to clear your doubts.

Hello English

This is a wonderful application that covers all the features of language learning, including vocabulary, grammar, translation, spellings, spoken, and even reading skills. But yes, you should already be in a position to understand general English structure and alphabets. The application cannot help you learn English from the scratch. The app would ask you to pick your native language and proceed further.  Next you are going to be given twenty questions test that the app will use to measure your present English level.  As per the results of your performance in the questions, the test is going to recommend the exercises and training for you. In this way you get to learn as per your specific needs.The application actually understands your level of learning and assigns you everything accordingly.


Thus, these were two of the many amazing English learning applications. You can get all these applications easily and free of cost from 9apps. Once you do 9apps download, you would not be away from excellent English learning applications for android! You would get all the applications for free and without any safety issues.

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