In-Demand Programming Languages In 2020


As we can see, technology changes significantly every year. All the same, good developers are needed in the coming years. Programming becomes much easier when you know the right programming language and which programming language works best for you. In order to cope with the changes in the software industry, you must have knowledge of the best programming languages currently used in the technology industry. You can use several programming languages for program design.

So the important question is which programming language will have the most impact in the future and why you should learn it. Most of us learn outdated programming languages that will no longer be relevant in the future. The conditions are very good for you if you already know that you need programming languages very much. Every year, we study almost the best programmatic questions that employers ask regarding IT training. It should be noted that this does not reflect the efficiency of the language or the ease of learning but what is required.

The Best Programming Languages For 2020

Let’s look at the best programming languages by 2020:

Python: The Most Versatile In 2020

In Python, you can create applications, simple scripts, database links, just about anything. In addition, it is used to create neurological systems for artificial intelligence. This is partly because of the large standard volume, but also because it is compatible with most major systems and databases. After all, it’s a language with a fairly simple syntax that makes it very easy to read. Not surprisingly, it is at the top of the list. Python 2 will be ready this year. So, it’s time to upgrade to Python 3, if you haven’t already. This can cause problems for older applications because both versions are not fully compatible. Maybe that’s why we saw an increase in demand. Enroll in QuickStart’s python programming for beginner’s course to start understanding the language better.

Java: Pre-Programming

The concept of “Write Once, Work Anywhere” is very popular with companies that want to ensure that their applications provide a continuous user experience. Java applications must be able to run online without affecting the user’s operating system. It is also widely used in Android applications, which is why it was probably our main competitor.

Java-Script: Make Web Pages Interactive

Most browsers now support Java-Script. Works with H-T-M-L and C-S-S to enable businesses to build interactive websites. This is an extremely important addition to the best programming language 2020, as most sites rely on Java-Script features. Please note that this is primarily a standard language and should not be confused with Java. Although both languages ​​have similar syntax and C, there are similarities here.

C++: The Benchmark-Language

To understand the differences between C, C ++ and C #, you need to understand at what level the language works. C works directly with assembly, a language that is read by the computer to perform tasks. In this way, it is mainly used to create legacy operating systems or applications. In contrast, C ++ is higher than C. It depends on the language and enables object-oriented programming. Due to the widespread use of these languages, they are a good starting point for new developers.

C#: The Enterprise-Language

This is the most technologically complex family of the best object oriented programming languages ​​in 2020, but it’s easier to learn. It is considered a high-level language because it is not compiled in parliament but coded in bytes. (It runs on a virtual machine that allocates memory to you.) It’s typically used to build your business applications, so developers are more likely to find custom software. Maybe that’s why we’re not seeing so much demand today, as businesses are turning to more web applications and cloud services.

PHP: Server Language

This first programming language in 2020 will be used mainly to process data from databases on websites. You can integrate a web page directly into H-T-M-L to create one. As an open language, it is constantly evolving and improving. However, the demand for it is still less as compare to Java-Script.

Pearl: Wrapping the Internet

Originally created for word processing, Perl has expanded into web management, web development and applications. Creating applications in Perlis is fast, so it’s pretty common to use it for prototyping, as companies have to prove that the idea works. The downside is that Perl has a low speed. The reason is mostly code written by the developer, not the language itself. In recent years, jobs have remained, even though weak.


Go Lang is one of the most modern and popular programming languages ​​today. Go-Lang is managed and operated by Google. In some additions, Go-Lang is even better than Python. Like Google, it makes a lot of resources and syntax easy to read. Google will use it in most of its tasks in the future. Reasons to Learn Go-Lang: it is best known for its performance and effectiveness. Go-Lang’s performance is very similar to C/C ++. So, if you are looking for modern and high-performance programming, Go-Lang is for you. The syntax of the Go-Lang programming language is very simple. It’s even easier than Python and Java-Script. This makes it easy to read, write and maintain your code. Google supports Go-Lang. Because Google is the most trusted technology company, you don’t have to worry about stability when using Go-Lang.


Apple developed Swift in 2014 as a general-purpose open-source software based on a modern approach to security, performance and software design. It was developed with Objective-C for writing applications for iOS and Mac. Python and Ruby Deeply Influenced Swift are designed to be easy and fun for beginners. Reasons to use: Swift requires less code; therefore, it is easier for current Java, Python, C# and C++ technicians to easily migrate to Swift. Its features, such as better readability, higher speed and a powerful library, reduce errors, reduce application size and improve performance. Swift has two main frameworks, Coco and Coco Touch, which focus on application development. It is used in many iOS applications such as Mozilla Firefox, Word Press, Sound Cloud and Flappy Bird. Because of the overwhelming need for experienced Swift developers, the average developer who uses this language can expect a paycheck.


Scala – one of the most powerful advanced programming languages, Scala combines the concepts of functional programming and object-oriented programming. Scala is synonymous with development language and is one of many attempts to code Java while correcting deficiencies. It seeks to make Java more powerful by providing advanced features such as advanced string matching, pattern matching, and blending. Reasons for the request: Its sophisticated features support better coding and increase performance. This quickly attracts the attention of the open community because of its ability to work in runtime and Java-Script. The language is versatile and allows it to be used in the development of software, web applications and mobile solutions where game development is paramount. This is already a success as big companies like Apple, LinkedIn, Twitter and The Guardian use it in their database.

Python and Java-Script Moved Most among the Best Programming Languages In 2020

In recent years, Python has continued to enter the programming ranks. This year it finally served and upgraded the Java series. At the same time, Java-Script has started to recover unexpectedly, which may mean that employers are looking for more advanced developers to redesign their websites. During this time, all other languages ​​remained stable, gradually evolving at all levels. Demand for developers who gained experience of the best programming language as well as IT certification seems to be growing and we think it has peaked again.

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