Improve the Profitability of Your Company with the Mobile to Business Model


If you want your commercial proposal to be competitive in this increasingly dynamic and versatile scenario, we have the perfect Mobile App solution to develop your business application in an easy, fast, simple, accessible and synchronized way. How we can help you for this? To know more, contact us at

Check out 7 good practices of every Mobile to Business Model!

1- Bet on simplicity

Since mobile screens have limited space, it is important to focus on launching clear and direct messages, avoiding unnecessary additional text, overly elaborate graphics and pull-down menus that can be difficult for users. It is best to encapsulate only the essential and relevant channel material.

2- Take advantage of geo-location to stand out

By activating the geolocation option of your application, you can delimit the desired areas using an interactive map and send relevant notifications to local customers with offers based on their postal codes, addresses, or neighborhoods. Offer them proposals that are timely and relevant to your location!

3- Use notifications before, inside and after the store

Many retailers use besieged and conditional notifications to extend their offers to potential customers who walk past their stores, once they are indoors or after they are gone.

It will not only improve the customer experience in your business, but will also greatly improve the profitability of your company!

4- Take advantage of other online channels

The Mobile Marketing must be part of your overall digital plan , along with email campaigns, landing pages focused on the conversion, payments advertisements and content generation organic positioning. Have a 360 degree vision of the online business to attract qualified leads and convert them into clients.

5- Offer a personalized service

Make sure that your application responds to user behaviors, adapts to navigability habits, is consistent with all the brand’s messages and responds efficiently to the demanding demands of consumers.

6- Respect privacy and keep the proper distance

Since the new purchasing habits are made more and more online, you have to be careful with the data and control the privacy of the customers who have decided to purchase some of your products and place their personal and private information under your aura of trust.

7- Give all the prominence to the clients

Take advantage of new consumer behavior when interacting on their mobile devices! To do this, eliminate everything that makes shopping difficult by this means: an application with content or images that do not load correctly, difficult to find contact information or extensive and confusingly classified product catalogs will only overwhelm your users. Make sure something as obvious as the various messages look good on all the small screens.

The Mobile to Business model can help you innovate in your sector and bring your company to the best sales channel: that of the palm of the users’ hands.

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