How To Save The Picture From Instagram Rather Than Screenshot It?


In this modern world, everybody is using smartphones for a variety of purposes. People are using social media applications for connecting with their friends as well as families. Instagram is also one of them. Most of them are using this for sharing photos and videos. It becomes popular among the users day by day. It has certain restrictions. You cannot able to save the photos and you cannot able to view the profile picture I full size. It is considered to be a frustrating experience for the users. For this, they will be finding solutions for it, called Instagram Photo Downloader. If you are in need of knowing more about this, then keep on reading the upcoming section.

What are the restrictions on this application?

Everybody knows that we cannot able to save the photos directly from the application. And another restriction will be you cannot able to view the full size of any profile picture. But these things will not stop users from leaving this platform. It is because they are liking the giant photo-sharing application. Nobody needs to avoid this app for these restrictions alone. The best solution for it will be the photo downloading application which is available in the google play store. Yes, third party tools are useful for saving the pictures.

How to find the best third party website?

Most of the people do not know how to download the photos from the Instagram application. So, they are searching for the solution in google and get to know about the third-party websites. Everyone who is using this app love to download the photos of their favourite person or actors. By using third-party tools, the process becomes easier for them. People can use them free of cost as well. It is the simple process, the steps are as follows,

  • You have to install the best third party tool from the google play store
  • In order to download the photos, you have to copy the link of the particular file and then paste in the tool
  • Finally, you have to just hit the download button in order to save it in your device storage.

You can use this in both ways. The first option is that you can use the web browser in order to save the photos from Instagram. The second option is that install the application from the google play store and make use of it. You can choose either way as both are considered to be the best way. If you are facing any issues, then you can able to contact the customer care support to solve the issues.

How it is beneficial for the users?

If you are using the Instagram Photo Downloader, you can use it for free. With the help of the application, you can able to download your favourite person’s photo and later you can see them. So, without any hesitation, download the free application without spending any of your money. Happy Downloading!

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