How to choose an IT business solutions company that is capable of providing you cloud service? Read this post now


One of the most strenuous parts in establishing a solid and reliable Information Technology (IT) solution to your business is by choosing a cloud service provider or CSP knowing that you have to undergo a transition as your business will be using the services that a cloud hosting provider will be giving your company.

Choosing anyone in the IT business solutions industry is like giving your trust to someone that you are not certain of or capable of handling things properly to put it simply. You should always base the IT business solutions company that you want to hire to provide you cloud services through its performance, how stable is their cloud server, how keen they are in providing customization according to their client’s demands, and other important aspects that you have to look into before you even pour investments to this very crucial stage in procuring technology to your business.

This is also an important decision that you have to take a deeper look considering that there are a lot of IT business solutions companies out there that most of the time will only offer the same service to their clients. The best thing you can do right now is to choose the one that you can fully rely on where you can feel that they are very sincere and very capable of leading your business to be technologically capable in terms of operations through the cloud services they can offer you.

However, not all business leaders out there are experts in choosing the best IT business solutions company that can provide you reliable and effective technology solutions like cloud services that are why in this post, let us talk about some of the factors that you have to remember when looking for one.

  1. Study the company’s infrastructure design– You should check its data center setup, its High-Performing Computing or HPC servers and its multi-layer security setup. Data centers are usually set up at different locations or sites to enable you to avail of the services from the nearest data center to prevent latency increase while HPC ensures that the cloud server does not have any performance issues while the multi-layer security ensures that your data is not compromised at all.
  2. Determine if they have a reliable backup system– It is a requirement for a cloud service provider to have their own data backup facility, but, you should determine how quick its backup process can respond for downtimes or system failures because it can play or create a critical role in keeping your valuable data especially that you are running a business, and losing these valuable data means you also lose profit and money from it.
  3. Determine if they have Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery– the Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery or BCDR indicates the ability of the cloud service provider to reinstate their hosting services after it is disrupted by different events or natural disasters. The cloud service provider should be able to point out the different types of risks which can stall the business process and must have the proper procedure to mitigate all of these.
  4. Minimal downtime guaranteed– This should be the duration of service a cloud provider has to guarantee that it can deliver to their clients. There are some disruptions in the services that can be caused to the recent maintenance and upgrades which are completely acceptable. Uptime is usually the counted percentage on its annual duration.
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