FB for professionals: proxies and their advantages



For active and professional use of various social networks, it is imperative to hide the user’s real IP address. This fully applies to the social network FB, which effectively fights against suspicious activity and spam. Nevertheless, many professionals in the field of advertising and marketing, promotion and arbitrage traffic effectively bypass protective barriers. In practice, it has been proven that the best solution for such specialists would be a proxy from https://you-proxy.com/ – a service created by those who perfectly understand the needs of their customers.

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Individual proxy

It’s worth starting with the fact that free proxies can only be used on an introductory basis – to make sure that this technology works at all. Free services have no other advantages, while an individual proxy is a completely different quality of services:

  • specialists work with a fairly large number of bots. For example, even a marketer will need at least 10 active bots for mass mailings. At the same time, an affiliate marketer will need hundreds of different bots that need to be protected in some way. This means that only obtaining an individual IP address for each account is an opportunity to stop facing blockages and constant registrations;
  • an individual proxy is just an opportunity to use more fine tuning and get behavior that is indistinguishable from an ordinary person. This will save time and effort on creating new accounts, their constant updating;
  • you should not ignore this service, because without a high-quality proxy with many settings, you simply cannot use FB effectively. The fight against spam in this social network is organized in the best way, so that suspicious actions will quickly lead to the blocking of your account.


In addition to the affordable cost of the proxy, it is important to note the flexible settings. You can figure out these settings on your own, but if you need help, there are enough various configuration guides on the Internet, and there is also an opportunity to ask questions to specialists. The main thing is that along with the purchase of a proxy, it becomes possible to specify the address, port, connection type, login information and thus literally create a new personality connecting to the social network.

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