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The role of local searches is constantly growing. It is no wonder that local SEO spends many eye-users on websites. Everyone wants to get the most out of the results served for places that are clearly associated with the business area.

There is nothing to create a long introduction. To the point in this content you will find some tips on how you can positively influence the local SEO of your website. You can have more info about the same now.

Create dedicated subpages

If your company operates in a specific area, you can also distinguish minor zones: use it.Create a few landing pages that will be directed to customers from individual cities or even districts (for larger cities). Take care of the correct meta-tags, which will contain the most frequent user requests and will encourage you to visit the website. Also, do not forget about proper internal linking, so that subpages directed to specific regions are logically related to each other.

It is worth to take care of the differentiation of content in such cases. It is known that certain elements of subpages (address type, telephone number, company name) and the general content frame can be repeated. However, it is necessary to diversify the content so that the landing pages are different in a certain way.

In some cases, photos from a given region will also work, which will allow the potential customer to associate your local offer with the place that interests him more quickly. Do not forget, of course, about properly constructed ALT attributes.

More on the pages calling for a specific action, we mentioned in the guide on how to create an effective landing page. If you want to explore this issue even more, be sure to check this entry.

Get reviews

It is not a revealing fact that most of us, before making a choice related to a local place, read reviews about locations nearby. This applies, for example, to choosing a restaurant for a Friday evening or a good hotel for a weekend trip to another city.

  • Opinions and references are extremely important. They help us make a choice. In spite of everything, we suggest the opinion of others, even if we tell ourselves every day that we are absolutely independent and that we are guided by our own opinion only on every occasion. You need to take advantage of this by caring for local SEO.
  • On the one hand, it is good to look after a good image outside. Facebook, Google, TripAdvisor, these are just examples of websites where users can post opinions on specific places or companies. Ask your customers to leave reviews after the service. It is worth remembering. All the more so because opinions added using Google My Business are visible in the search engine itself.

Also important are the statements of customers using your company’s services, which you can post on your own website. They are aimed primarily at authenticating your business in the eyes of others. However, if these reviews refer to local places – the better, there are always additional issues related to local phrases.


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