Defining Prototype Injection Molding and Its Limitation


Prototype injection molding is designed for the rapid production of prototypes referred to as the right material. The injection molding method is used to produce samples, small series, and prototype without spending a lot. The injected part properties are similar to a series of mold, but the existence of the latter is reduced.

This technology is best for silicone mold where the number of parts is significant or for information on industrialization. This rapid tooling consists of custom cavity plates and two mold bases. Only the cavity plates are machined mostly from soft steel alloy or aluminum.

Limitation of Prototype Injection Molding

Ambitious prototyping technology. Although the manufacturing of a prototype mold is less expensive as compared to series mold, the investment cost is much higher than the other prototyping technologies. The price for injection molding machines and labor is higher, and also, the value of the injection materials are higher.

It takes longer to complete the process. As compared to the standard injection molding, prototype injection molding is faster. Even though it is quicker, it is still a long process than other prototype technologies since you still need to manufacture a mold and inject the parts. Some of the faster prototyping technologies include SLA, Vacuum casting, and 3D printing.

This process is not ideal for less than 100 parts. It is more profitable for the production of higher quantities. On the other hand, it is not for mass production. It is in between mass production stages and prototyping.

This process requires particular qualifications. The plastic injection in the context of small series production and prototyping will need specific attributes. Choose a partner whom you can trust. You might need a silicone mold during the preliminary stage.

What Are the Essential Things You Need to Consider

One crucial factor that you need to consider is the entry cost. And the injection mold prototype requires a substantial investment. Production quantity is vital as well. So, you need to determine how many parts you need to be able to obtain the maximum cost-effectiveness or to break even.

The part needs to design is essential from the start with injection molding. You should simplify geometric measurements and reduce the number of parts. Also crucial is the tool design, and should be directed towards preventing defects during production. There are lots of defects formed during injection molding, and it would help if you read up on them.

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