Dedicated Window Servers: A Step towards Success of Your Business


In today’s tough business conditions, it’s of immense importance to take some steps that help you have an edge over your competition. One important thing to do is to ensure that you maintain an excellent web presence, and that’s exactly the time when you have to pay attention to the quality of your website and web hosting service. When it comes to web hosting services, most people try to save money by opting for shared servers. These types of hosting plans are cheaper, but they may have an impact on the quality of your business. The sensible thing is to go for a dedicated windows server, especially if you have an e-commerce site where you display hundreds of products.

The biggest advantage of using this type of dedicated hosting services is that you don’t have to share any server space with other websites, which in turn provides you with better control over features and software. You get your data transfer capacity, Arbitrary Access Memory space, process chip, and hard disk drive. You can configure the server to suit your own business needs and requirements. Your websites will work much faster and your users would have a better experience.

Now it is clear that opting for these particular servers is the right bet, but you need to delve deeper into the details to be able to select the right server for your needs. Dedicated servers are divided into different categories; one of which is offshore server hosting.

It is also essential to point out that many people shy away from using dedicated servers because these servers are high priced. However, if you are ready to use the option of offshore web hosting services, you may end up lowering the cost of using these servers.

In case you are not interested in dedicated servers mainly because they cost a lot, you may want to stick with a semi-dedicated server. Provided that you choose the right service provider, you find your semi-dedicated server working quite well. This is so because reputable hosting companies use the best hardware for their Nodes, which are combined with industry-leading software. In semi-dedicated servers, you are generally provided with a RAM up to 4096MB and a Hard Drive up to 950GB; CPU speed could go as high as 2.8GHz.

The fact of the matter is that these servers are perfect for your business, especially if you need a minimum speed of 4x 2.8GHz, RAM up to 8GB DDR3, and Port speed of at least 100Mbps. However, if you are a tad concerned about the cost, you may want to go with the semi-dedicated server, or you can also consider shooting for an offshore dedicated hosting service supplier. So, mull over your business needs and don’t think twice to choose a dedicated server if your business needs speed to turn visitors into buyers.

If you require some solid hosting you will want one that offers a dedicated windows server for high performance. You may also be interested in offshore dedicated servers which offer lower restrictions on what you do with the hosting. Having a semi-dedicated server will also allow you to save money but still keep your server downtime to a minimum.

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