Choosing a proxy server – security and other benefits


Nowadays, making money with the help of various web resources is not something special. Thousands of people carry out such activities and receive decent profits. As you know, Internet pages are of different types. At the moment, social media pages are very popular, where users post photos, communicate, use media services. But the social network page can be successfully used for certain activities. To have the greatest success from using an account on a social network, you need to properly promote it. Promotion implies an increase in its popularity. Sometimes it is not so easy to do this for certain reasons. However, today there are good tools for solving such problems.

99% of users have come across the word “proxy” on the Internet before. But do they know what it really is? For example, Proxy-Seller website offers a wide range of available solutions that are worth familiarizing yourself with. What should you know about the benefits of paid proxies?

Proxies are intermediate servers between the end user and the website that the user is viewing. In other words, it can be simply described as an additional link through which the user connects to a specific service. The proxy server receives a request to download a file or visit a website, sends it to the target server, and then gives feedback.

Anonymous proxies – what is it?

Unsurprisingly, anonymity is one of the main factors people buy proxies by. The WAN uses the IP address to send the necessary data that the user has requested.

Using a proxy is slightly different. The server redirects the request instead of sharing the user’s IP address with the website. This not only allows you to hide your online identity, but also provides some additional benefits when browsing the web:

great data protection,
faster internet connection,
bypassing geolocation restrictions,
prevention of detection while researching competitors.

Is it safe to use a proxy?

Although the use of proxy servers is common today, there is still a hesitation on the part of some users about their security, and therefore many people hesitate to use them. And although the easiest way would be to say: “Yes! Proxies are secure ”, the more accurate answer would be“ Yes! SPECIFIC proxies are safe”.

There are two main types of proxies:

  • Shared – a proxy server whose clients share hardware resources such as connection speed and bandwidth, the server’s IP address (sometimes limited to a certain number of users using this address at the same time). Often, but not always, these are free and public proxies. However, there are general proxies that are used, for example, by three users, but these are paid proxies.
  • Dedicated – only one client accesses the proxy server, which fully uses its resources. They are almost always paid for and sold by reliable vendors.

If you’ve ever heard that if something sounds too good, it probably isn’t at all – this rule works. In other words, you should not rely on the security of free proxies, taking care of the anonymity and security of your personal computer. These servers provide great opportunities for hackers and fraudsters.

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