Big Phone Screen Versus Small Phone Screen: Which one is Better?


Buying a phone is a big decision. A bigger decision than buying is which screen size to opt for? There are people who want a small screen size in their smartphones whereas there are people who like the bigger screen display size. The choice depends on the usage and frequency. Have you been planning to buy a new smartphone? Have you been confused between a bigger screen and a smaller screen? This blog will help you understand the need and take the decision that you have been holding on to. Continue reading and know the difference.

Fit for all Age Group

When a phone has a bigger screen size, the visibility gets better. Surfing the internet doesn’t trouble the eyes the way the smaller screen size phone can do to you. People of all age use a smartphone these days. With bigger screens coming to maximum use, even kids and older people are able to utilize the device without straining their eyes. If you have kids and older generation people at home, buying a bigger screen phone makes more sense.

Better Experience

Something that is more materialistic is the experience while using a smartphone. When you use a phone, you want to feel good using the gadget. How about an HD big screen phone that will make you use your phone more than what you used? Sending even a simple email can give you an experience that you had never experienced before. When the images come alive on the screen and the quality looks better, there is nothing like a bigger screen.

Video Chatting Comes Alive

With a smaller screen phone, video chatting is not as interesting as it should be. What is the use of a phone that doesn’t let you have a better and clear view of the other side of the people online? You definitely want the video calling experience or moment to be memorable and that is possible when you have a phone that is a bigger one and on top of that, the screen size is bigger, unlike the tiny ones.

Better Camera and Better Photos

Have you ever compared a phone with a smaller screen to a phone with a bigger screen? Well, if you have, you already know the answer. The camera has a better image quality due to which the final photo that you get is a beautiful one. Browsing through the images and photos, you would feel good about every photo and your wallpaper will change every day. No more using the standard wallpapers for your home page and lock screen page. You have your photo gallery to compensate for that.

Gaming gets more exciting

During a game, you tend to use your fingers and hand gestures more on your phone. If the phone’s screen is a bigger one, you don’t feel uncomfortable using your phone for playing the game. Games become more interesting and exciting to play with friends when you use a phone that is a large one. For that matter, people like using tablets and iPads too. The recent smartphones available in the market are manufactured keeping these utilities of the consumers in mind. iPhone has great touch feature and with a bigger screen included with iPhone 8 series, gamers have taken to buying more of this phone. While the touch is undeniably smooth, a  user may have to face one issue and that is the screen damage. A bigger phone tends to be a little less than handy. iPhone 8 Plus screen repair may be the only problem you face. If you are ready for this which most phones with bigger screen size have, it is a good buy for sure.


People have taken to using phones for other purposes more than just calling and texting. Watching movies is one of them. We all know that the bigger is the screen of any device be it a television too, better is the movie watching experience.

What is your opinion about screen sizes now? You may have a different thought than what has been mentioned above. If you agree to the above points, getting a bigger screen phone is the deal and if it is just another phone for you, anything will do the job.

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