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Do you have mobile repair? Looking for mobile repair services thatare reliable and affordable? Here is the breakfixnow which has a team of professionals and the experts in repairing the mobile for you. If your mobile suddenly stops working or had damage due to an accident, don’t worry, here are the repair services from breakfixnow to repair any kind of phone problems. The expectations of the customer will definitely change once he or she visits the store and get their phone fixed. One more important and crucial point to be noted is that there area service guarantee and warranty on all the repaired phones till 2 months and this is amazing.

Reliable repair service

Get the trusted and non-expensive services for your phone only at one stop that is at breakfixnow. The team is confident that they are the best in what they are doing as there is continued loyalty from the customers. The technicians who are trained have the ability to get the phone of yours repaired whatever brand or the software it has, it may be an iPhone or iPad, Samsung, etc. all the repairs are done without causing any trouble to the quality of the brand. The manufacturer functionality remains then the same even after the repair and no more damage is caused.

These are all the important factors that have led this breakfixnow to be one of the leading electronic device repair companies in the world. There are also home repair services thatareavailable, and this is exclusively for the iPhone. The team doesn’t provide the service for the other brands’ phones like the Samsung and iPad as they need larger equipment and the larger machinery for the purpose of dismantling the phone as they are bonded with very strong kind of adhesive. One important point that has to be taken into consideration is that the hone repair services, in general, will be costing more than the store visiting services and this will be approximately forty to sixty dollars more than what they charge.

Check in to the store

The opening hours of the store are from 11 am to 11 pm, so you can check in to the store at any time. Then the home service it is recommended to visit the store and get the device repaired as this will be fast and quick and also one can easily find the store if any warranty needs to develop or come up. One important feature of this breakfixnow is its cost. The charge is very less and minimal and this is the motto of keeping the customers in.

The team of breakfixnow will not promise that they do the repair for sure. If they can do the repair, they will do, or the team doesn’t do fake promises. There are a few questions that the client or the customer needs to answer before the team or the professional starts doing the job. There are quick fixes, but they analyze the problem thoroughly and thenstart the repair. They target the root cause of the repair, the start fixing the phone. There is the warrantywhich is provided which will be given the bestprotection and if they are saying that they can’trepair, it is best to trust and listen to the advice.


There are the pickup and delivery service which is available for the busy people around. This pick-up or the delivery service is through the courier service which is a reliable one and this is exclusively for the people who can’t make their visit during the weekdays.

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