An Insight to Dubai’s Leading Marketing Agency


The Kingsmen agency is a marketing agency based in the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. It was founded by young Lebanese entrepreneur Firass Abbass and has already had a tremendous impact in the marketing industry in Dubai. Founder and CEO Firass Abbass believes that his already well-established connections and network in the city, particularly within the hospitality and entertainment industry, really gave the new marketing agency a springboard into what is a massively competitive industry in an extremely fast-paced and advanced super-city of Dubai. In addition, he believed he handpicked a diverse team of multi-specialist experts to ensure that the company was comprised of other young, hard-working and driven individuals. He says that each member of the team at Kingsmen is the master of their individual field — from technological experts to social media gurus and communication and sales specialists. This is what has given Kingsmen Marketing Agency an edge into the modern era of digital marketing as one of the leading agencies in the city with plans to expand.

Kingsmen Marketing Agency has redefined the experience of digital marketing for many companies already, from top restaurants and nightclubs to medical centres and car rental companies are to name but a few. They operate as a full digital marketing services provider, which means that they provide all the digital marketing services needed. In contrast, some only offer specific services, such as web design specialist companies, mobile application development companies or social media marketing companies. This means that if a brand or company needed more than one digital marketing service, they might have to go through several different agencies which often gets complicated, work doesn’t piece together. It can require more time, effort and even money for the brand. However, if a company is a full-fledged digital marketing service provider, like Kingsmen Marketing Agency, this means that they become a one-stop-shop for companies. Kingsmen Agency boasts its full-service capabilities as it can provide its clients with smooth, effortless relationships in which all communication is fed through one person from the agency, the account manager, who deals with all of the different digital marketing services to ensure they are of the highest quality formulating the best digital marketing machine when pieced together with the best possible outcomes. In this way, Kingsmen Marketing Agency is ahead of the game in ensuring that they cater to all of the needs of its client.

Kingsmen Agency prioritizes keeping up with the latest technologies and advances in their industry, to ensure that they can use the best tools, systems and technology in their marketing campaigns and strategies. Whether it is a video production project or app development, it is guaranteed that Kingsmen will be using the latest and most updated methods and technology not only because it is their job, but it is their passion. In the same way, this marketing agency promises to always be on top of the latest trends within different industries because marketing is their enthusiasm.

There is no doubt that the Kingsmen Marketing Agency is one of the prime digital marketing agencies in the industry, and is setting the pace for the future of digital marketing. The agency continually strives to improve and keeps up with the latest technological advances and newest trends to ensure it is always functioning at the top of their game. We look forward to seeing how the company expands both across industries and across borders…..

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