Advantages of having elevator advertising services in India


Lift ads or elevator ads have become very popular and effective in India in very less time. And why should not they be popular? They are cost effective, captivating and creative way of displaying ads. Elevator branding and lift ads enable advertising to quite a large number of audience. If you are a small business owner then you must be searching for advertising options that are cheaper and affordable. So elevator advertising services in India can be a pretty good option for you no matter where you reside in India. These services are really becoming quite popular especially among the small business owners in India. Why? Here are the various reasons for why they are becoming so much popular and how beneficial are they.

So here are the reasons:

  1. Highly creative ads: Lift ads are actually of course the most creative ad because who can think of doing brand advertising in a lift. They also in some building generate create focal points which in turn generates buzz because of the novelty. Isn’t it interesting?
  2. Captivate audience: Recent study found that lift ads or elevator ads are really successful in captivating audience’s attention. The audience also feel captive because there is no other distractions when they go anywhere via lifts or elevators.
  3. Micro targeting: With lift ads you actually have the ability to control who can view your ad or not. You can target a certain amount of people for your business that maybe interested in your advertisement. So this is why it is really a strange and unusual method of displaying ads.
  4. Cost effective: Elevator branding or elevator advertising services in India are of course cost effective and very affordable method of advertising. They do not cost you much therefore you can save your money and use it for varied other important purposes. Isn’t it interesting?
  5. Steady exposure: Generally in case of newspaper ads newspaper gets thrown in dustbin after one day. Nobody rereads newspaper or do they? But in case of lift ads or elevator ads the ad piece gets stuck at one place for as long as you want to grab people’s attention.
  6. Capacity for editing: Unlike other ads these digital lift ads can also be edited from time to time or whenever you wish to edit them for whatever reason. These can also be edited on hourly or daily basis. And this is what makes digital elevator ads unique and perhaps different from others.
  7. Reduced vandalism: Unlike other forms of ads like roadside posters these ads can not be vandalised by general public as well. Whoever travels in lift for whatever time maybe 2-3 min will get entertained by the ad itself.
  8. Revenue sharing: If you wish to add advertisement on lifts of a particular building or society then you can pay them some money and honestly they will happily allow you to do elevator branding or lift ads at their society. You can thus also help in revenue sharing.

So, these were the few benefits of lift ads. What do you think about it? Do you like it? Will you use it for your business? Do let me know. I’ll be more than happy to know about your views.

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